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Could you draw this when you were 9 years old?

July 23, 2012

My son Errolson Hugh, who now runs ACRONYM, (, drew this on the 8th July 1981 when he was 9 years old!

Children seem to be born with the amazing abilities to grasp, comprehend and simulate language and concepts at birth. Not surprising usually before their first birthday many babies try to utter their first word. At 8 months old Errolson spoke a full sentence rather than just a word: “Want some coffee?” Obviously imitating words he heard from his mother. Of course we were surprised and impressed but we somehow expected Errolson would be quick at grasping and understand the world around him. He seemed to be a keen observer.

The drawing of this bicycle illustrates his natural interpretation of how a 3D object is sketched on a 2D medium. The handlebars reflect this understanding clearly. The structural make up of the bicycle’s frame is also accurately conceptualized. I only recently discovered that his drawing is of the famous BMX Mongoose mountain bike with the Mag Jag frame. In 1981 this frame did not include a shock absorber for the rear wheel, which means Errolson, was exploring improvements to the frame.  The other details in his bicycle drawing, that were not standard in the original BMX Mongoose, include a speedometer attached to the front wheel; a portable radio below the seat attached to the upper frame with the insignia “Mongoose”; and a flashing rear safety light. He did, however, specifically detail the Moto Mag wheels with off-track tires, a special design feature in the 1980s.

Here is his runner-up / preliminary sketch to the colour drawing which includes written specifications for the bike

Interesting to note, as far as I can recall, this drawing was done from his memory, perhaps from seeing photographs and sketching specifications for his future mountain bike. In early 1980s BMX Mongoose mountain bike competitions were hot events in North America and Canada, Errolson’s birthplace.

Here also is an image of the 1981 Chatsworth BMX Mongoose bike; one of the versions that were popular in 1981, the year Errolson did his sketch.

  1. Joy Chen permalink

    Amazing! Like father, like son!

  2. Julius Landau @mmcmplx says “Amazing eye for detail and great signature” 7:29 AM 24 July via Twitter for Mac

  3. Daphne Yee Man permalink

    Now we can trace Errolson’s pursuit for top-notched BMX design at a young age to ACRONYM’s present-day active wear quality design and tailor-ship.

  4. I love this picture, too! And I even like the sketch better than the end result. (The amount of detail and I just love the component list.)

    Most pictures that we find online are too perfect (and therefore clinically dead and uninteresting). Drawings show how we perceive the world. What we know and don’t know influences the way in which we draw. From this viewpoint, systematic errors are very interesting. I wrote a short piece in Dutch on the importance of drawing in the history of science, and a plea for drawing more. There are not that many children’s drawings online, and I used this one as an illustration of one such systematic error (bicycle wheels too far apart), which does not subtract anything from the fact that it is a great drawing.

    • Thank you Sylvia, for your kind words and observations. I will pass your comments to Errolson who now runs his own Fashion House “ACRONYM” in Berlin, Germany. I am sure he will be tickled. Yes, I agree with all you discovered, and having said that, the Architecture Faculty of University of Hong Kong discovered recently that because of computers graduates are refusing to draw. I was asked to conduct a 5 day sketching workshop in which I emphasized that sketching enhances the design process, where as computer software does not. And as a matter of fact the output from the computer printer does allow the operator to share the copyright of the design. Please see the following link:

    • Dear Sylvia, Such genuine and passionate comments are well respected and cherished. I will project your thoughts to my son Errolson Hugh who now lives in Berlin and created and runs a unique and specialized male fashion house: ACRONYM

  5. Johne218 permalink

    Your style is really unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from. eckdebdfaead

  6. From Bergijpend tenement > Sylvia’s blog
    …die era an ten grondslagliggen. Ongeoefende tekenaars neigen naar systematiche fouten: fietswielen en ogen worden bijvoorbeeld te ver uit elkaar weergegeven. In de fysicales leidt het tekenen van…

    Thanks. This is the English translation
    […] That underlie it. Untrained cartoonists tend to systematic errors: bicycle wheels and eyes, for example, appears too far apart. In fysicales leads drawing […]

  7. He was only 9 years old when he drew this!! I think the drawing is fantastic…! Considering he was drawing from instinct

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