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Your Comments on my Blog Posts

February 7, 2012

Whenever I ask my friends to leave a comment on my Blog post they always seem to respond with: “I have to think about what to say”

If you think of my post as the start of a conversation you can easily join in the conversation by asking a simple question or by saying something about the post. It is easy to say “I don’t like it”, or “I like it” That will give me a chance to continue the dialogue one way or the other.

Since my Blog centers on sketching, one does not necessarily have to comment on the subject of the post, but rather one could ask about the idiosyncratic manners of the sketcher. For example “It seems your photos indicate you are right-handed, have you ever tried sketching with your left hand?

I can recall my University of Manitoba classmate, Lex George, amazingly drew with his right and left hands, matter of fact he could also write and read text backwards! That is, with his left hand he easily wrote letters backwards, that seems natural to him; then he could phonetically pronounced the ‘backwards’ letters. Unfortunately I can only write and draw with my right hand!

Comments do not mean that you are being asked to specifically remark on the subject of the post.  Almost all my posts were done at on-site locations and such scenes are 3D replication of my observations.  Modeling and perspective know how, appears to be essential elements within my repertoire.  The art of perspective sketching is embedded in a precise mathematical order which was first explained using Euclidean geometry by the Italian Architect, Leon Battista Alberti, in the fifteenth century. Once being familiar with fundamentals of the order of perspective, imitation of a scene can be natural to an artist similar to writing text. Comments directed at such topic could relate to the ‘how” and ‘why’ of some of my sketches which could lead to interesting discussions.

Then again questions could revolve on the intrinsic character of my sketchbooks.  In many of my posts the images within include photos of my sketches in a sketchbook. My sketchbooks are of different sizes, since it depends on the sketching journey that I propose to take.

In other words your comments can be varied and simple as if you are in a personal conversation with me.

  1. In case you are wondering how these photos were made; they were secretly done by Daphne Chan, my wife, without me knowing. Nice, otherwise I would never have had these progressive sketching sequences.

  2. According to a mass-email that I received today, you must be lucky to be right-handed. You are destined to live about 9 years longer than me 🙂

    • No idea you are left-handed dear! Left-handed people are very creative and intelligent. Obama is left-handed.

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