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January 29, 2012

Archi Blog

It’s a bright, sunny day in a residential development circumscribed by large high rise office towers and shopping arcades. All buildings are connected by air conditioned pedestrian corridors and bridges. They intertwine like ‘snakes’ above the terrain creating landscape enclaves and pockets of treasured and manicured plant species, but never a resting space for shoppers or visitors. There is lush vegetation and heavily detailed facades throughout the ground and first floor levels. The pedestrian corridors extend like radiating arms towards the river, crossing the waterfront promenade and cantilever a great distance beyond the shore line. There are people everywhere; busily going somewhere; listening to the fiddler; shopping at the kiosk; or just watching the tide go by.

The background structure of the perspective sets the ‘infrastructure’ of the sketch, but the illustration of the activity and the vision of the complex comes from imagination during the development of the sketching…

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  1. A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this article.

    • Errol Hugh permalink

      This sketch originates from the Master Layout Plan of the proposed project. How the buildings relate to one another and the activities and events they create are the important stories that the rendering or sketch must portray.

  2. Cool blog!

    • I really enjoyed doing this perspective or sketch or whatever you want to call it, because rather than focusing on the design of the buildings, as my other colleagues did, my interest was in the activities and the environment that occurred among the buildings at the podium and ground levels.

  3. Awesome blog you haave here

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