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Hot off my Private Press

October 11, 2011

Volume II: My Sketchbook Anthology: 1993 & Beyond by Errol Patrick Hugh: More than 400 pages of free-hand sketches of places, sites, waterfronts, buildings and architectural conceptual sketches.

It is the first time that my personal collection of hand-drawn sketches and drawings are compiled into a single volume for reference. Some images are repeated; first in a sketchbook spread and then later as an individual image. The repertoire of my works is difficult to categorize ; you will discover quick sketches, detailed sketches, on-site sketches and architectural drawings and sketches throughout the volume. You will then be able to appreciate and compare the styles and the efforts of the different sketches; hence some images are repeated intentionally.

Being able to see all the sketches compiled over more than 18 years, is an experience similar to expectations in anticipating the taste of a gourmet meal. You want to savour it slowly, absorb the contents and details with care, and hope that the process to the end is very far away.

All my sketches and drawings are executed in ink on paper, in notebooks and sometimes on mylar. I can recall consultants mistaken my drawings for CAD renderings.

  1. Be on the look-out for Volume III of the Trilogy “My Series” !

  2. sketchingdiary permalink

    Well done ! Keep up !

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