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A personal collection of my times & works in Hong Kong

August 1, 2011

Volume I:  My Hong Kong: 1993 & Beyond

“There is something special about looking at images of the years gone by. The experience rekindles fond moments of pleasure and perhaps happiness. My collection is to capture times spent exploring Hong Kong, specifically to witness its urbanism, its infrastructure designs and the nature and mood of its planning concepts. In addition ‘on-site-free-hand’ sketching of scenic views was also motivations of my quest to see Hong Kong by myself in search of quiet and peaceful times in this busy city.”

  1. The start of something new! The book is a limited edition in a handy A5 landscape format, hard cover bound of more than 250 gloss colour pages. This Volume includes photos of interesting architectural sites and areas I visited in Hong Kong. It also includes few personal hand-drawn sketches of various sites. It is a small ‘coffee-table’ edition of my times in Hong Kong since 1993. By the way, it also includes photos of family members and friends.

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