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Sketching after Typhoon Haima missed Hong Kong!

June 25, 2011

Luckily typhoon Haima did not make a direct hit on Hong Kong, but there were heavy showers in the southwestern part of Kowloon. Yesterday, Friday 24th June, the sun was out again, and it was a signal for me to hit the road with my tiny sketch book again.

Tai Hang Road at the intersection of Fuk Kwan Avenue is always a busy intersection and in the mornings, on my way to the market to get the South China Morning newspaper, I can’t help but notice the heavy traffic of cars, busses and pedestrians rushing to get off to work. Many times I promised myself to sketch this view.  Don’t knock it; sketching a huge intersection in a 5 inch square sketchbook takes some effort. I can always remember the beautiful, thumbnail, landscape sketches of the master Rembrandt whenever I open my tiny sketchbook. Actually if I intend to travel for a few hours I would take along my A4 sketchbook.

  1. It’s easy to get hooked sketching in a tiny sketchbook; less details to interpret! HaHa!

  2. Looking at my sketch and comparing it with the photograph that I took with my iPhone after completing the sketch, I discovered that I somehow managed to indicate 13 floors in my sketch. However if you count the number of floors in the photograph there is just 12 floors! Close without consciously and actually counting before sketching! HaHa!

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