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Sketching before Typhoon Haima hits!

June 22, 2011

Knowing that Tropical Typhoon Haima is set to bring heavy showers to Hong Kong for the next 3 days, I took my tiny sketchbook to the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter to make an on-site sketch; I will not be able to do any sketching for the next few days. Rats!


According to the Hong Kong Observatory at 9:00 pm last night Haima was 360 kilometers south-southeast of Hong Kong. It will hit the Mainland tomorrow at 5:00 pm missing a direct hit of our city.

The shelter was crowded as the boats and yachts jockey for berthing space, but life goes on without much change. During this time of the year the shelters are prepared for heavy traffic and I would imagine owners and sea-residents are cautious about a direct hit from a typhoon.  However, from my sketch you would never know a typhoon is on the way! HaHa!

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  1. Just taking it easy on a groovy Monday evening before typhoon Haima hits!

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