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iPad Sketch and Art

April 27, 2011

The word “skill” is understood to mean ‘something’, such as drawing, sketching or painting that requires training and experience to do well. The skills required for painting artistically with oil paints and brushes are different from those required to use a computer painting program. Are these two different skills equitable to artistic talents?

I think not. Ever since the maturing of computer accessibility for computer users, computer drawing, rendering, painting, etc., programs have flooded the consumer marketplace, allowing users to simulate the ‘act of creating artworks’.

This iPad sketch of the hospital chair was created during a few minutes, while I was hospitalized. The chair stands by itself waiting; loneliness and abandonment. Details are void throughout the composition, except for the chair. The iPad sketch although somewhat mechanized, still captures the fluid motions indicative of free-hand sketching style. This is a primitive demonstration of a computer drawing. However, skillful computer design professionals can imitate works that create something beautiful.

Computer drawing programs, such as “Sketch Up” would create a more accurate replication of this chair and the result would be an exact photographic image. The process would be executed during a highly technical process. The space, the chair, and all the details would be created three dimensionally and then physically arranged to exactly match the photographic image. Is this final 3D computer image a work of art?

  1. You may want to default your guess to say yes the finished computer rendered illustration is a work of art, that is because the definition of ‘art’ is an illusive artifact. As a result it is unfair to consider ‘works’ within this spectrum of discussions, as ‘art’ in relation to other ‘works’, such as painting, drawing and sketching. Therefore we invent the term ‘computer art’.

  2. Looking at this iPad sketch 3 months later, I do think it lacks life that free-hand sketches so easily portrays. However, the clarity and details is nice to see.

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