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The Joy of Flying: Another Christmas Story

March 29, 2011

Los Angeles is always an exciting city to visit in Christmas. The weather is great and the skies are clear and blue. Besides the stores to do Christmas shopping, and the great restaurants to eat and revel in the good times, giving and receiving presents bring extra pleasures and joy during these special days. It was during Christmas 2009 in Los Angeles that Daphne discovered her joy of flying.


Her greatest gift of all came for Harlan; he gave her a Beginner Lesson Tour via “Wind Sports”, Los Angeles. The Hand Gliding flight session took place at the Dockweiler Beach Training Flight Park, Just south-west of Los Angeles International Airport, on the beach of the Pacific Ocean facing the west winds from across the ocean. The experience of flying must be exhilarating for Daphne who had always dreamed of Flying.

At the start, getting familiar with the flight equipment and listening to the trainer’s explanation of the basics of hang gliding sport, brings extra excitement and tension to the morning ‘scene’. The beauty of the Flight Park and the constant ‘breeze’ of the prevailing winds are lost as we all listen in awe; while the distant ‘hum’ of passing overhead airliners and the splashing of ocean waves as they caress the shores; transforms the setting into moments to remember.

Before we had time to think of the adventure, Daphne is strapped into the cockpit and ready for take-off. There are 3 test flights with the trainer running along-side her with encouraging flight instructions and finally letting her aloft. What a drama to see Daphne and the glider off into the enchanting blue sky!

“I can fly…I can fly!”

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  1. Errol Hugh permalink

    For friends who are not on FB.

  2. Warren Carter, (Winnipeg) said:
    “Amazing Daphne……….I am so envious, I have always wanted to do that!!!”

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