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My Lingerie Christmas Story

March 26, 2011

I had this wonderful idea to give my wife, Daphne, lingerie for her Christmas gift, but I was not sure I had the courage to walk into a store and make such a purchase! I devised a strategy! I would seek out a specialized store, since it would be more private, walk in boldly and without being shy asked for 3 gifts! Simple I thought, but was I in for a big surprise.

The day before Christmas I found a lingerie store in Causeway Bay, it was empty, so I quickly ran up the stairs and walked in. To my disappointment the staff ignored me, but perhaps just as well; I had a chance to look at the semi-clad manikin in their sexy outfits. Just then the small shop became crowded with women; I being the only male shopper, wished I could vanish out the door quickly. But, what the heck, I strolled up to the service clerk and told her what I wished to buy. She looked at me and asked “What size do you want?” as if I am making the purchase for my use. I quickly answered “Small”; and she replied “There are only 3 sizes anyway, are you sure?” Then the next question was “3 of the same style, or do you want to see more?” By this time I felt the young female shoppers were quietly glancing at me and perhaps even giggling to themselves. (Only in Hong Kong!)

Finally the clerk took me over to the hanging rack and I quickly choose 3 colours and patterns, sexy ones of course. I even touched them to make sure they are smooth and soft. Then to my surprise again the lady said “They cannot be exchanged, you are sure of the size?” After she rolled them up separately in tissue paper, dropped them in a bag, with the name of the store prominently displayed, I calmly said thanks and walked out the door. Whee! what an experience.

Of course I had planned to use the female nude sketches to create the packages for each item. I found a stationery store and quickly purchased ribbons and card stock on which I would devise the package with the nude sketch with a template cut out to display the contents. It was a big success the following morning!

  1. Thomas Kwok permalink

    You should go back to the shop the next day Errol and show your 3 beautiful packages to the manageress…You may get to design all their packaging right away!

  2. Here’s what my friend Daikatse Thuy says:
    I was in the lingerie retail business in the 80s & 90s at Tsimsha Tsui and Central, I can fully understand your feeling, over half of our customers were male, good customers !

  3. Here’s what Andrew Chen says:
    Like so many men out there facing the same dilemma, but the outcome is what counts…….and it’s worth it

  4. In addition Lucie of Montreal likes my post as well as Thomas Kwok of Hong Kong

  5. Haha- funny/ nerve racking.. success story!

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