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Where did I Start my Sketch?

January 9, 2011

Many thanks to Abbie Kendal (Portland), Aston Hugh (Edmonton), Catrina Chen (Toronto), Emily Leung (_Tokyo?_), Emmanuel Berylia (Barbados), Lucie Rodrique (Montreal), and Alden Lim, Daphne Chan, Tomas Kwok and Thuy Shen all of Hong Kong, for submitting a proposal on where I started my sketch.

There is just one winner who selected the exact place where I started the sketch. As mentioned in my earlier posts, I usually start sketching knowing that the beginning will decide the overall scale of the finished image. However since there are only 10 submissions, I would like to mail a copy of the nude figure to the people who submitted a guess for the start of the sketch.

Please e-mail you postal address to and you should receive the post card shortly.  After I receive your addresses I will show the start of the sketch. Thanks for the adventure and the suspense of the competition!


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  1. Results of “Where to Start a Sketch” and the promised sketch were mailed today to all who submitted proposals to my Blog “Where to Start a Sketch”. If your postal address in in Hong Kong you should receive your sketch tomorrow! My overseas friends should get theirs in about 7 days. (According to the Post Office)

    • Errol Hugh permalink

      Linton received his sketch yesterday, Saturday.

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