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Where to Start a Sketch

December 30, 2010

Take a look at this sketch and tell me where you think I started this image! Use your imagination!

Hint: No I did not start with my signature. Haha!

The female figure is always a sketcher’s dream. What attracts you most? The answer lies within your inner emotions.

Tell you what! I will send a copy of this sketch on card stock (4″ X 6″) to the winner/s in the New Year! Let’s wait for a few days! Make sure your email address is in your Facebook profile. I will send a notice to the correct proposal/s and get your mail address to send the sketch.

Visit my Blog and place your proposal in the “Leave a Comment” box below.

  1. Thomas Kwok permalink

    I say you started at the top left corner towards the right….then completed the top line before doing the head and the torso….That’s the most sensible way to start this sketch and no doubt you are a sensible guy Errol….

    • Thanks Thomas, I will post the results soon. Of course you can always submit more proposals if you wish!

  2. Daphne permalink

    This is fun as I like guessing games, especially those with prizes. Guess you started at the top middle-right with the hair and then down to the body and the rest. Am I right? 🙂

    • Thank You Dear Daphne, I know you are anxious to see the result since you did not see me sketching this.

  3. I think I’m attracted to her bubbly personality- lol

    definitely, at the slope of the breast!

  4. Aston Hugh permalink

    Top right corner of the frame?

  5. Catrina permalink

    i say you started at the back of her head ( hair) ? and then finished her bum and then proceeded to finish everything else? shoulders, bosom and hips?

  6. Lucie Rodrigue your started from the right side with the biggest string of hair that is kind of my it self, it goes all the way to the top and starts your rectangular going to the right??? Is that it?? 😉
    5 minutes ago · Like

  7. Thanks for your interest. I could have started there as you nicely suggest. However the competition was over several weeks ago and I announced the starting point to all the friends and viewers who took part. Your suggestion is close but not at the location where I actually started the sketch. The hint I would give is I would look at the model’s body and chose an element that would establish a sense of scale for the entire sketch, with reference to the format of the medium. If you would like to know the exact point where I did start, drop me a line at

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