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Using Many Lines to tell a Giant Story

December 5, 2010

In my earlier Blog I used few lines to tell a big story. In this blog here’s what it’s like to use many free-hand lines to illustrate a giant story. This is an architectural rendering of a project in which free-hand lines create the buildings mass, shadows and details.

The shadow gives the illusion of a third dimension while highlighting the contours of the buildings. The length of the shadows also tells the height of the various buildings throughout the complex. This is a simple way to illustrate a complex story, but it is a painful and difficult drawing to execute. The original rendering is 0.3 Rotring Rapidograph Schwarz Black ink on Mylar medium. Don’t try this at home!

  1. You need a steady hand and patience to attempt a drawing style like this. CAD software can never reproduce such drawing or sketching style.

  2. sagar Chitrakar permalink

    Don’t try this at home! :D:D amazing

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