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Sketching, Riding in a Moving Bus

November 20, 2010

Travelling in a privately leased bus with a group to explore some unknown place can be an uninteresting experience, especially on the return journey. Every once in a while, however, you will see something interesting; usually passing through a village or an urban area, but most of the journey can be a bore. If you are like me, you grab your sketchbook and record the bus experience. Although the shaking, rocking and rolling can be uncomfortable, these movements can add to your sketch. Now you know why I have all those ‘squiggly’ lines in some of my sketches!

Putting things in perspective, excursion with groups of people who have common interests can make your days. Here comes the sun as you ride above the winding road, feeling groovy but sketching and doing it your way. Right! I quite enjoy the experience because everyone near you is fast asleep and you have quiet times to search your inner memories. The humming of the bus tires cast a sleepy spell on you, but the changing of the speed of the bus and the pitch of the engine gears make you glance out the window, bringing you back to reality. “Immigration Check Point ahead..! Please wake up!”

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  1. It’s easy to spot that the photograph was taken long after the sketch began. Can you identify the differences?

  2. Hey Errol- long time no see! love the sketches here..
    I guess the rocking of the bus gave a new character to your lines- they are hard to control (squiggles) at times esp. if one thinks about the minute turns and bends of the pen but if the mind is at peace it comes out naturally, like the one above.
    ..Long story short – let’s have a drink soon, man! 🙂

  3. Catrina permalink

    the scenery on the outside is different! and there doesnt seem to be any people sketched in the sketch. also the perspectives are different, but very interesting!

    great work 🙂

    • Correct! Two different photos combined with Photoshop to add interest to the photo of the bus interior! Haha! Well everone was sleeping so I just got the hair on their heads just above the bus seats. (Laughter again)

      Thanks Catrina, you made my sketch worth the efforts! lol!

  4. Harlan permalink

    Pretty cool. Always interesting to see how much more engaging the sketch is than the photo.

    • It was a pretty boring drive except for a few places we passed. Nothing like driving through the Rockies in British Columbia! Remember those days? Oh yes, sketching gives you the opportunity to add highlights to the view and perspective. If you look through the driver’s windscreen you will see the road curving and there are many sign boards along the both shoulders. Well, you can imagine as soon as I decide to add these to the sketch that view was long gone behind the bus! Haha!

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