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Shanghai Skyline Sketches: 2006 & 2010

November 11, 2010

On the 20th November 2006 I visited the Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Centre where I did the sketch of the skyline from the upper floor. The 2006 sketch on the left must have taken me less than 5 minutes. Four years later from the same place I did the 2010 sketch on right in about 20 minutes. How does my sketches compare? Let me count the ways!

In both sketches, I got the essential elements identified: tops of the towers; low podium buildings; and the elevated highway.

The scale and massing of the towers are comparable although the 2010 sketch shows more details and care.

The 2006 sketch lacks depth while shades and shadows on the 2010 sketch show a more mature responsible artistic flare.

The 2010 sketch indicates my confidence has improved.

Considering that I did not have my 2006 sketchbook with me when I did the 2010 sketch, it seems my sense of scale remains steady.

I dedicate these sketches to my Facebook friends, Catrina Chen (Toronto, Ontario) and Lucie Rodrigue (Sherbrooke, Quebec), who both said they like my 2010 Shanghai Sketch.

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  1. The sketch on the left is 6″ X 4″ wide while the 2010 sketch is 7″ X 7″. The 2006 sketch is in ink (Rapidograph 0.3) on my sketchbook paper and the 2010 sketch is Staedtler felt pen 0.1 with 2B pencil shade and shadow, again in my latest travelling sketchbook.

    I prefer Rapidograph ink pens, however they can be very troublesome since they usually require maintenance to keep the ink flowing. Recently it’s been difficult finding ink cartridge for the Rotring pens in Hong Kong. I hope this is only temporary.

  2. Additional Facebook friends, Stephen Platt (Los Angeles) and Art Murray (Pennsylvania) also likes these sketches. Thanks guys!

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning me, you’re so sweet!! And I like ALL your sketches all of them. You are so talented my friend. Bisous from Sherbrooke, Québec.

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