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Italy Sketches 2010

September 9, 2010

Between 21st to 31st  August, Daphne and I visited Rome, Florence and Venice where we attended the Opening Ceremony of the 12th International Architectural Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia; Hong Kong in Venice: “Quotidain Architectures”. While touring, of course, I took the time to make a few sketches. Daphne took these photos.

Facade details, Villa Borgnese Gardens, near Romanico Palace Hotel, Rome. 22nd August 2010.     

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  1. Sketching really documents my understanding of my observations, as a result the shadows in my sketch sometimes is not true to life. I use shade and shadows to enhance the 3D quality of the sketch.

  2. Yesterday, 11th November 2010, I added the photo of the building in the Villa Borgnese Gardens which shows the roof top facede details. This is my observation sketch where as I look at the details I get a better understanding of the architect and contractor’s design and process. The sketch is not just a ‘pretty picture’, but rather a personal architecture discovery.

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