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Errol’s Sketchbook

July 1, 2010

You can buy my Sketchbook on-line from: The Chinese University Press, Hong Kong:

And from

I thought this view was ideal. The Island Eastern Corridor overpass and the squatters’ shacks framed the view, while there were many interesting elements that could provide details in the sketch. The view could be considered a one point perspective, except that some elements had two or more vanishing points.

Wall trees are interestingly beautiful things to sketch. This one, in the foreground, was no exception. I carefully delineated the branches and the leaves with the intention of using them as a means to scale the rest of the drawings.  Then I drew the squatters’ shacks, making the structures smaller in size as they receded towards the background…”

  1. Errol Hugh permalink

    This is a sketch of the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter in Hong Kong. It is taken from page 67 of my Sketchbook.

    “The Island Eastern Corridor overpass and the squatters’ shacks frame the view, while there are many interesting elements that provide details in the sketch.”

    …And the story goes on…

  2. Errol Hugh permalink

    For Hong Kong Residents my Sketchbok is also available at Dymocks Book Stores.

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