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Sketching with Shades and Shadows

June 30, 2010

Architects are passionate about plans and elevations. Aside from thumbnail sketches, architects revert to plans and elevations to formulate their early conceptual ideas. A plan is an “organization-tool”, so to speak, it assists the architect in getting the client’s needs into a functional building package. An elevation on the other hand, is the start of the architect’s idea of that building. Usually an elevation is a 2D sketch which is sometimes difficult to visualize. By adding shades and shadows one can give a 3-dimensional effect to an elevation.  

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  1. sketching journey permalink

    The darker shaded surface recedes while the lighter comes forward. That is true for black and white renderings. In a colour rendering, however, the brighter detailed surface will come forward. In this sketch, the surface above the roof is a contradiction to the rule. The rendering of the clouds and trees help to negate this contradiction.

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