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Getting it Right: Architecture Design: Part 4

June 29, 2010

In an article by Cathleen McGuigan, Newsweek 21th June 2010 issue, she talks about the change that “Starchitecture” architects are now having to “tame” their Iconic stuff! “The spectacle building is kind of dinosaur”.  After the financial tsunami clients are finally coming to realize that the twisted, oblique, or funny shaped tower no longer seriously attract tenants. Iconic architecture is out; clean and simple is in again.  Fittingly this sketch I did in 1998 for this project site, is somewhat timeless. The photograph on the right is a picture of the building today. I did not work on this last façade. These thumbnail and conceptual design sketches are development milestones of the built project; a period of more than 10 years.   

One Comment
  1. Errol Hugh permalink

    My sketch on the left was done in 1998. The photograph on the right was taken on the 8th June 2010, 12 years later. However the process to assemble the lands began long before 1993! The architectural process is a daunting affair. You must be passionate about architecture to embark on such a career. (And you must be able to sketch!)

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