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Getting it Right: Architecture Design: Part 3

June 23, 2010

OK.  Here’s another follow-up example to my conceptual design for this high-rise, commercial building project.  I did another sketch of the view towards the site to include a wider view of the urban setting.

I intended to again insert a free-hand sketch of the building, and with that in mind I rendered this new “template” to a degree that would compliment the free-hand sketch of the building. Following this, the “template” was rendered with colour pencils. My next post will compare my conceptual ideas with the as-built project. 

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    New architecture graduates today will think that a photograph of the site, with the conceptual sketch of the proposed building inserted by Photoshop, would be preferred. However, unless you have a realistic CAD rendering of the new building, the illustration may not be convincing.

  2. Hello – We love the style of this illustration. Would we be able to get you to quote on doing the same style in another Melbourne location?

    Please email me on –

    • I am in the process of relocating back to my hometown Toronto from Hong Kong. I promise to get in touch with you late July.

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