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Daniel Libeskind City University Creative Media Centre

April 19, 2010

Being in touch with your sketching is to know that you can communicate your thoughts effectively and easily. I remember sitting on the waterfront of Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Promenade, sketching the Ap Li Chau Bridge, and a young man silently stood behind me watching every line I drew. He was not watching a performance; he was interested in my translation of the view to which he was witnessing.      

These sketches (overlays from photographs) are for my discussions on Hong Kong’s “Iconic Architecture” for my Facebook site.  The intention is to first highlight the building’s exterior form, and secondly, the building’s impact on the urban setting, for good or bad.  These references would be lost had I used the photographs. My sketches eliminated the details while highlighting the source of my concerns.

  1. sketching journey permalink

    “The relationship between form and function generates a variety of sequences and dramatic narratives of space and light. The whole is a composition of layered sequences in which the new building becomes a veritable beacon of energy towards the inside and outside world.” Daniel Libeskind

  2. sketching journey permalink

    Colouring your sketch need not be realistic. Instead use a colour that breaks away from the norm yet highlights the focus of your sketch. Also the sketch need not be completely rendered. The essence of your effort could be lost among a full technicolour rendering.

  3. Shafali permalink

    Hi Errol,

    Hope everything’s fine at your end…missing your posts.

    Warm Regards,

    • sketching journey permalink

      Hi Shafali, Been busy with committee meetings with plans for the Venice Biennale 2010 architecture exhibition and an excursion tour to Istanbul. Anyhow I am back!

  4. Welcome back:)

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