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Use Virtual Surfaces to emphasize Steven Holl’s Concept

April 17, 2010

The Bridges 

The sides of the buildings, in this sketch, play an important role to illustrate the unique characteristic of the Iconic Hybrid Complex.  The windows in the building emphasize the surface and give interest and/or understanding to the concept of the linked bridges. The subtlety behind these two images is to stimulate thoughts from my viewers.

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    The Japanese “Metabolist Movement” in the 1950s, under the guidance of Kenzo Tange, influenced this bridging concept idea with numerous images. It was too early for its time.

  2. sketching journey permalink

    When I first arrived in Hong Kong I was surprised to see how well the city has adopted to “Streets in the Sky” The planners’ foresight capitalized on the mild HK climate which allowed the planning of bridges playing a positive role in the pedestrian/traffic congestion in parts of the city. More escalators/bridges are planned, and as demonstrated by Hong Kong’s Mid Levels Escalator System, the concept could influence the future development of core areas, although at a smaller scale.

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