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Free-Hand Sketching in Architectural Design

February 13, 2010

It’s never necessary to use computer graphics to illustrate an architectural concept to your client. Here’s a quick freehand sketch that did the job in about 20 minutes.  From a photograph, I first drew the Island Eastern Corridor flyover, then added shades and shadows giving depth and scale to the perspective as well as to the Kodak building (on the left) and K Wah Centre building (on the right). Notice I purposely left a gap in the flyover to accommodate the proposed sketch of the design for the proposed North Point building. Finally details to the water in the foreground gave a finished touch to the perspective. I was then able to insert many design proposals for the North Point Building into the “setting” for the client’s comments. This sketch was intentionally developed to express a “feeling” and “sensual” side for various proposed architectural designs.   This sketch reflects my personality in an artistic manner that would otherwise take many hours to do by computer graphics.

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  1. Amazing work,wish I had buildings like that close by so I could draw them 🙂

    Care to see my art?

    • sketching journey permalink

      Sketch buildings to get the spirit illustrated! It’s the emotions in the sketch that tells the feelings of the artist. I am going to check your site.

  2. Catrina permalink

    Amazing Uncle Errol!
    I love this sketch, it shows alot of depth of field.
    You need to come to Toronto in the summer so we can go on a sketching adventure together!
    Or maybe I should just come to Hong Kong..? LOL ahaha 😉

    • sketching journey permalink

      Dear Catrina, In your profession, fashion design, you may not need to render your sketches into 3D perspective views (as you rightly observed). However, your fashion sketches will demand strong attention to details to prduce the vision of your designs. Yes, we have to arrange a sketching adventure!

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