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Top 10 Sketches Results

November 28, 2009

1    The Ruins of the Church of Mater Dei (Macau)
2    Tai O fishing Village (Hong Kong)
3    Stanley Waterfront Beach (Hong Kong)
4    Marquese Way Bay (Los Angeles)
5    Ap Li Chau Typhoon Shelter (Hong Kong)
6    Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter (Hong Kong)
7    Grand Canal Venice Beach (Los Angeles)
8    Stanley Waterfront Promenade (Hong Kong)
9    Hong Kong Stadium
10 UCLA Student Union Building (Los Angeles)

  1. iyahman permalink

    Would be nice to see one of the print in colour!

    • sketching journey permalink

      Throughout the last few days I have been introducing my sketchbook to friends since it was launched, and it is interesting to observe that they only glanced at the sketches, as if they were looking at photographs. None asked how they were done! The sketchbook is a journey through the process of sketching. There is something behind all the lines within the sketches. For me it is the passion to discover the limits of my exploration. It is not about what colour will do to the sketch.

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