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Here are hints on how to predict the Top Ten Sketches

November 22, 2009

The sketches as listed on the sketchbook content page are in chronological order. My sketching techniques each day as I continued my journey became more complex, and hence these sketches are near the end of the sketchbook. For example the sketchbook cover, Tai O Fishing Village, is taken from page 76.

However that does not mean the earlier sketches are not popular with the friends who took part in the survey. The UCLA Student Union Building sketch from page 40 made it on the list.

All Top 10 sketches were chosen from pages 40 to 89. Six other sketches from the other pages were runner ups. Predicting the top sketches are a guessing game but its fun and even if you don’t win your submission will help me understand connotations between “titles” and people’s imagination.

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