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Sketching Journey Tips: Part 8

November 10, 2009

lyon airport 2

That’s All Folks! Happy Sketching!

Shadows must respect your vanishing points to be effective, but knowing when your sketch is complete is perhaps the most difficult decision to make.

My sketch of the taxi stand at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport Railway Station, by architect Santiago Calatrava, illustrates how effective shadows can be for a simple sketch. Remember too much shadows could make your sketch messy! The image with shadows of minimum lines and details makes a compelling sketch. It is surprising how the viewer’s mind fills in the missing parts to complete the image. Let me know if you found these tips useful.

My just released Sketchbook is now hot off the press. Get a copy to see more of my techniques on how to realize complex sketches. 

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One Comment
  1. Daphne Chan permalink

    Dear, that reminds me of that unforgettable journey. Apart from your involved sketches, I like your simple ones.

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