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Look inside “A Personal Journey through Sketching: The Sketcher’s Art”

November 3, 2009

08 Ancestral Hall Kowloon


Tuesday 9th September 2008

About ten minutes walk further down the trail, I came upon a track that led through bushes to this secluded Ancestral Hall. It’s not an architectural masterpiece, but it served as an object for me to explore my perception of perspective.

I sat opposite the Hall and, after deciding to make the ritual furnace the foreground element, began sketching. Technically the view was a one-point perspective while the interesting element in the composition was the roof of the hall. I completed the ritual furnace first, next the abutment walls surrounding the Hall, and then the elevation of the building, scaling each doorway with the wall and the furnace. I added trees to the background, then interior details to simulate depth inside the Hall.

I was being bitten by mosquitoes. I had to leave quickly. I must buy mosquito repellent before continuing my explorations.

My sketchbook consists of  “journey chapters” with tips on free-hand, “on-site” sketching. Order my  Sketchbook directly from me via email,, and receive an autographed version at no extra cost.  US cost (postage included) US$65.00. Canadian cost (postage included) CAD$70.00.  Hong Kong cost (postage waived) HK$288.00.

  1. Sonny permalink

    Hi Errol,

    You gotta thank those mosquitoes, you must have sketched fast on this one but it came out good, simple and clear. I like this one a lot – my favorite.
    Forget the repellent.


    • sketching journey permalink

      Thank you, You have always been an inspiration.

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