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Sketching Journey Tips: Part 7

October 30, 2009

HK Wing Po Chai2

The process continues.

Shades and shadows will also add depth to your sketches. If you have the time, hatching the walls to simulate shade will give a third dimension to your sketch. In this sketch of buildings in Central Hong Kong the east walls are shaded while the canopies cast shadows on the south wall. However, too much shading could make your sketch appear messy. A narrow-tip light blue felt marker will help to create interesting shadows. I did not have much time to include shade and shadows in all my sketches.

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  1. Daphne Chan permalink

    This is 1 of my favourite, kind of cubist. Wish I could do some interesting dwg like u.

    • sketching journey permalink

      Thank you Dear, You are my greatest fan. I will keep it up.

  2. This is very contemplative, Errol.. I can see the ‘reality’ of place and the patience of the artist – nice work!

    So, when’s the next batch coming? 🙂

    • sketching journey permalink

      Dear Alden, Looking at and admiring a place to sketch gives the same sensation as looking at and admiring a beautiful female! The feeling is so overpowering!

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