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CD Included with “A Personal Journey Through Sketching: The Sketcher’s Art”

October 21, 2009

Sketching Journal CD Label3CD Content: 1)*MS2003 & *MS2007 Gallery of Sketches, 2)*MS2003 & *MS2007 Photo Gallery of Sketch Sites, 3) Proverse Hong Kong Catalogue. (*Microsoft PowerPoint)

With the Gallery of Sketches you will be able to project each sketch for close study and security to better understand my sketching process and techniques.  The Photo Gallery of Sketch Sites includes beautiful colour photographs I took while searching for the view I wanted to sketch. These photos will give you an overview of the sketch sites I choose. However, I did not shoot the view I chose until after completing my sketch. I did not want to be influenced by the two dimensional image of the photograph.

Order Errol’s Sketchbook directly from the author via email,, and receive an autographed version at no extra cost.  US cost (postage included) US$65.00. Canadian cost (postage included) CAD$70.00.  Hong Kong cost (postage waived) HK$288.00.

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