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A Personal Journey Through Sketching: The Sketcher’s Art

October 19, 2009

front cover design 21a

Errol Hugh’s Sketchbook “A personal journey through Sketching: The Sketcher’s Art, is really about the art of human observation and of living in the moment.  Both are abilities that Errol Hugh has mastered. This, combined with his unique artistic vision, and his considerable talent, has enabled him to transform real world environments into engaging sketches. His personal journey takes us from a tree growing out of a wall on Caine Rd. in Hong Hong’s historical Mid-Levels to the bold, iconic architecture of Frank O. Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California.  Along Errol’s journey, he was accompanied by a camera that digitally recorded the environments he was sketching. When the digital images are viewed alongside his sketches, the similarities and contrasts are striking. This book exhibits a triumph of the artist’s soul over the now commonplace digital world.”   Warren Carther, BFA, RCA, Artist / Director, Carther Studio Inc., Winnipeg, Canada, Architectural and Sculptural Glass.

“The freehand sketch is the endangered species of creative production. Digital media has long since raised the water temperature and destroyed the natural habitats for the slow, careful craft of thinking by drawing. Errol Hugh’s skilled pen-craft and thoughtful commentary make the passionate and practical case for sketching as way of knowing.”   Eric Höweler, Principal, Höweler + Yoon Architecture, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design.

“Seeing and understanding our environment underpins one of the most essential experiences in life; it formulates the sense of space and time that is crucial to an intellectual ordering of life….  [In this sketchbook] each sketch is invested with a narrative that links to acts of observation and documentation through engaging afresh with our primary senses…. I take great comfort in seeing the nimble and discerning connections between the eye and the hand in Errol’s elegant lines and considered compositions.”   Li Shiqiao, BArch (Tsinghua), AA GradDip (London), PhD (London).

Order Errol’s  Sketchbook directly from the author via email,, and receive an autographed version at no extra cost.  US cost (postage included) US$65.00. Canadian cost (postage included) CAD$70.00.  Hong Kong cost (postage waived) HK$288.00.


  1. emmanuel permalink

    Errol, you are the Greatest…Flame-On!

    • sketching journey permalink

      Thank you Emmanuel. Give it a try yourself. Get my new Sketchbook and get all at your fingertips.

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