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Multiple Objects in a Single Layer

September 21, 2009

Ok, you are probable wondering if what I have told you over the past few weeks makes any sense. Nice to say there are three important layers in thinking about how to organize what you perceive, but that doesn’t help if all the objects seem to be in a single layer! It seems that way, especially if you are contemplating a ‘still life’ composition, and not an on-site perspective view.

 It’s simple… Think of each object with their vanishing points as independent objects in your composition. Sketch each object with their parallel lines converging towards their vanishing points somewhere at the horizon. The vanishing points of each object are usually not related to each other, but the horizon is the common element that binds them together. Observe which object overlaps and sketch those first. However, in most cases you may have to draw several objects concurrently.

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  1. Harlan Hugh permalink

    Hey – that’s a cool sketch… The Blog is looking good. Would be nice if we could click the pictures and see bigger versions.

    • sketching journey permalink

      Later the blog will include more complex and larger sketches. I am not sure if the site includes the option to show the images larger by clicking on it.

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