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Keep your Sketchbook handy

September 12, 2009

I always keep a sketchbook handy. Back in 1993 digital cameras were not yet available. Here is a page from my 1993 sketchbook where instead of a photograph I captured the Chinese Methodist Church at Johnson and Hennessy Roads, Hong Kong, in my sketchbook. A few years later it was demolished and replaced with a nondescript tower. What a pity!

Methodist Church

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  1. sketchingdiary permalink

    This is a very Valuable sketch, good work! Errol.

  2. sketching journey permalink

    Sketching is like poetry! You never can tell when you will be inspired.

    The day will come when you will be able to sketch on your iPhone and you wont need to carry your sketchbook areound! I hope Steve Jobs reads this comment!

  3. sonnymanuel permalink

    I have old sketchbooks I brought during trips, still with many pages to fill. Thanks to you man, I’ll look for them and restart again.

    • sketching journey permalink

      My Blog is to influence my friends and at the same time to create discussions about the secrets behind our sketching process. We have passed the stage of how to sketch and draw, it’s time to pass the wisdom on to others.

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