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Travelling Sketchbook

August 20, 2009

I always take a sketchbook with me whenever I am travelling. My favorite size is 4” by 6” hardcover with about 50 pages. The size does present physical limitations to my “Framed Views”, but that depends on the scale of the view I intend to draw.  My perfect bound sketchbooks allow my sketches to be either single or double page.

This sketch of the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok started when I wanted to capture the ambience of the entry. I scaled the house to fit my sketchbook page, but the composition did not tell the story of the locale. Sketching on the adjacent page, I introduced the entry to the courtyard giving the sketch a revived 3D quality, and highlighted the character of my story.

Image (23)

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  1. Thuy Shen permalink

    Nice sketches, awesome blog!

    This is what I am working at now.

    • sketching journey permalink

      Thank you Thuy, Happy to hear that you are working on your Blog. Do keep me updated and send me announcements.

  2. sketching journey permalink

    Thanks for your comments Eric, Nice to hear from you. Perhaps I will see more of your sketches someday!

  3. sketching journey permalink

    Hey Francisco! Yes as the sketches get more complex I will insert photos of the “site”, not for comparison, but perhaps for us to ponder our true visual perception more closely versus what we seem to take for granted.

  4. Elaine permalink

    Great sketches! I was there some 2 years ago.
    I never know know these blog thing works those, will try to find out.

  5. sketching journey permalink

    Elaine! Thanks for you comment. I hope you too are still doing free-hand sketches! Encourage your associates to use free-hand drawings to enhance their CAD renderings. It makes quite a difference. It brings back the spirit of the artist into the rendering and gives a ‘signature’ to your works.

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