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1973 M. Architectural Thesis: High Density Housing; Sky Gardens; Elevations & Sections.

M Arch Thesis - 4 High Rise High Density Housing 2

M Arch Thesis - 5 Urban Squares & Sky Gardens

M Arch Thesis - 6 Elevations & Sections



1973 M. Architectural Thesis: Space Use Concept

M Arch Thesis - Space Use Diagram 01.jpg

M Arch Thesis - Pedestrian Levels 01.jpg


1973 M. Architectural Thesis: Conceptual

Conceptual Constructioin Phasing 01.jpg

Massing Study to Conceptual Realization 01.jpg


Single Family Home Design, Canada.

RDR 4 Single Family Home FOLIO 6a

“My favourite Architectural Design Project”


Hong Kong Central Waterfront Development Competition Entry

Central Waterfront Competition &

Central Waterfront Competition 2

Central Waterfront Competition 3


My 1980 Edmonton City Hall Competition Entry

Edmonton City Hall Competition Folio 1Edmonton City Hall Competition Folio 2


LA & NYC Freehand On-Site Sketches

Freehand Sketches 1


On Site Sketches 2011

On Site Sketches


Visit to Richard Meier’s Shenzhen Clubhouse

Richard Meier’s Shenzhen Clubhouse, OCT Harbour, China.

Richard Meier's Shenzhen Clubhouse Sketch 2


“The Act of Creative Sketching” Book Launch

Creative Sketching Book Lunch Hong Kong

Creative Sketching Book


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