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LA Venice Beach Sketch January 2010

I recall it was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Clear blue LA skies, silence throughout, save only the rustle of the waters echoing through the air…

LA Venice Beach Sketch 4


Quick Thumbnail Envelope Sketches

Just to make my envelopes interesting I made quick thumbnail sketches on my envelopes…! Here are examples… Found out the recipients saved the envelopes…!

Quick Thumbnail Envelope Sketches 2


Temporary Tent Structures

Conceptual Freehand Sketches: Temporary Tent Structures

Proposed Conceptual Temporary Tent Structures



Visit to Hollyhock House: April 2006

Frank Lloyd Wright Aline Barnsdall’s Hollyhock House

FLW Aline Barnsdall's Hollyhock House 7


Errol’s Freehand Sketches #1

Freehand Sketches &


Looking Back at my India Trip

India April 2000

India Sketches April 2000a

My Envelope Logos Images From My Mind

My Envelope Logos Images From My Mind, 2012 – 2013

Images from my Mind 2


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